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A search on the internet quickly brings up many ways to treat this problem using home remedies of one kind or another. But how are you to choose the ones which work?

You could waste months, if not years, checking them out.

But I can save you both time and trouble.

yeast-1 (68)The only program you need is Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More.

Linda is a professional writer and health therapist. And because she suffered chronic yeast infections for years, she’s had plenty of opportunity to try out all kinds of natural cures for herself.

After two years of research and refinement, she developed a complete, holistic package of traditional home remedies, and she wrote it all up in an eBook which she named Yeast infection No More.

Linda Allen is a woman of integrity. I know this because I’ve spoken to her personally. I wanted to check out exactly why she’s working in this field. I’d be very reluctant to recommend her work if it was primarily about making money.

This kind of work has to be done sincerely, from the heart, from a desire to really help people. At least, that’s what I believe. Using this program means you can avoid the hassle of things that don’t work.

How To Buy Yeast Infection No More

YINM is delivered by electronic download – there are no shipped goods. All the product information and bonuses come via eBook!

And, for a short time the publisers are offering a discounted price of only $39.97 and a 60 day money-back guarantee – available through the official website (click here to get it!) 

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A Holistic Cure Using The Best Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Another fantastic thing, as I already mentioned, is that Linda’s program is holistic. It isn’t just about curing the symptoms of candidiasis, it’s about eliminating the root cause of Candida.

So her program – described in Yeast Infection No More – combines effective home remedies with a holistic system for detoxing the body that will purify and eliminate the imbalances which allow yeast to flourish.

If you believe that knowledge is power, then Linda’s program is the most powerful around. 

Candida Is No Small Problem!

I was amazed to discover that Candida albicans infections don’t just affect the external organs: this yeast lives in the gut as well, and it can invade the lining of the intestine, causing a problem known as leaky gut syndrome.

This produces food intolerance, a variety of emotional and mental symptoms, and various other unpleasant effects.

That’s why you need a holistic system, something that works in every part of your body, and that’s what Linda provides. As she says, by the time you have an obvious yeast problem on your genitals, or indeed anywhere else, the yeast has probably already grown out of control inside the body as well.

yeast-1 (21)That’s one of the reasons conventional over-the-counter medications (see picture) often don’t work as well as home remedies: they can’t get everywhere in the body that the yeast has infested.

So What’s In Yeast Infection No More?

What really impressed me about Yeast Infection No More is that it works on every level and it’s so easy to apply! There’s no messing about with complicated instructions, either: this is a simple, straightforward system. Here’s how she bills it

fighting yeast

And just to show you she means business when it comes to fighting yeast infections, Linda Allen starts with some simple home remedies that will get rid of the symptoms of yeast infection in 12 hours.

These are all things that are easily available, some of which you may have around the house already – for example, raw honey.

I’m not going into why these things work – it’s much better that you get Linda’s program and read about it for yourself. Suffice it to say, work they do, and very quickly and effectively too.

After immediate symptom relief, Linda describes her treatment methods for the longer term. As I’ve already suggested, this is a holistic program which tackles the problem at every level.

What’s excellent about this is that she provides a quick and simplified treatment protocol for people with mild to moderate infections, allowing you to get rid of it once and for all in a period of 8 to 10 weeks. And that means this eBook of home remedies really does offer a permanent cure.

The elements of this yeast infection home remedy system are:

  • simple dietary changes to maintain internal balance and prevent yeast flourishing (and let me assure you there’s absolutely nothing difficult about this; you won’t be required to eat nuts and rice all day, everyday!)
  • immune system enhancement, using nutritional supplements detoxification of your system
  • parasite cleansing
  • liver cleansing, using a simple detox diet for two or seven days, as you choose
  • anti-Candida (yeast) supplements probiotic supplements to re-establish the correct bacterial balance of your body
  • stress control
  • sleep optimization
  • exercise (and again this won’t be difficult, because Linda describes several options, one of which is certain to suit your lifestyle and personal requirements)
  • guidelines for hygiene, clothing and sex (there’s nothing alarming here either – you just need to make sure that you don’t get reinfected, perhaps from a sexual partner who is a “carrier” of a yeast infection without knowing it)
  • maintaining the right acid – alkaline balance in the body
  • stress control, and living in a more relaxed way – Linda includes a comprehensive section on lifestyle changes to reduce stress, and this is some of the best advice on this topic I have seen: it’s clear, concise and practical.

For much more severe cases of candidiasis, each of these elements is described in powerful detail, to give you the maximum chance of eliminating the problem once and for all. There are other elements to the program as well.

So how simple is Yeast Infection No More to use? Answer: extremely simple. But simplicity alone isn’t enough. The question is…..

Does “Yeast Infection No More” Actually Work As A Yeast Home Remedy? 

One of the problems with the Internet, of course, is that it’s provided a great opportunity to sell phony cures for all kinds of things. I took the trouble to ask Linda if I could contact some of the people who testified on her website about how effective her home remedies are, and I can report that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these testimonials are all genuine. (To read a review of Yeast Infection No More click on the link in the top right hand column of this page.)

And they certainly represent only a small quantity of the emails and letters which Linda showed me. So I honestly believe that I can’t do better for you than to recommend Linda’s home remedies.

I’ve looked at several of the other top-sellers on the Internet, and they are simply nowhere near as comprehensive (for example, Linda’s program consists of 240 pages of material written in an easy-to-follow, comprehensive way, set out for you in sections so that you read only what you need or want to.)

Are there any downsides?

Possibly, but not of presentation or content, in my opinion. There is a section on identifying food allergens, which is really important in helping to use a home remedy for Candida, but you will need a certain amount of dedication to identify the foods to which you’re allergic.

I suspect for most people this will be the most challenging section of the program, because it requires them to eliminate certain foods from their diet and then check what happens when they’re reintroduced.

If you’re organized and methodical, it’s going to make this part of the program a lot easier.

Linda also recommends a fast (not eating for two or three days) as a way of eliminating toxins from the system, and I think this simply isn’t practical for a lot of people – it’s probably much better to take the three day cleanse option which she describes; this would fit a normal lifestyle much better.

That said, this is far and away the most comprehensive collection of home remedies for yeast infection I have ever seen.

The Remarkable Truth: Yeast Home Remedies Actually Kill Candida!

There are many reasons why you might wish to use non-medical solutions. Maybe using prescription anti-fungals has produced some unpleasant side effects; or maybe they worked for you short-term but they just don’t offer a long-term solution. Whatever your reason, traditional remedies could well be the answer.

In fact, I’d go further. I believe that no matter how long an infection has been troubling you, no matter whether you’re a woman or a man, and no matter what symptoms you have, the best way to get permanent relief is to use a yeast infection home remedy. I’ll start, if I may, by briefly explaining why.

My name is Maria Edwards; I am a complementary therapist specializing in Reflexology and other forms of healing therapies. 

I know a lot about holistic solutions to health problems, and I started this website to help anyone who, like myself, has been troubled by yeast problems and would prefer to use one of the many home remedies available to cure it. (By the way, the scientific name for the most common species of yeast fungus which infects the human body is Candida albicans.)

How I Became An Expert In Yeast Infection Home Remedies

So, first of all, a bit of my history: I was shocked when my 89 year old father, who we all thought was being very well cared for in his old age, was diagnosed with a pretty bad case of thrush – which is an oral infection – on a routine check up. The doctor prescribed a standard antifungal drug called fluconazole, which made my dad really ill. And I should have seen that coming….

Some months before, I’d developed a genital yeast infection, which my partner and I kept passing between us during lovemaking. Every time we thought I was cured, it came back. (My partner had no symptoms.) Though it’s obvious now, at the time we simply had no idea one partner could re-infect another during sex. So I called on the doctor, and he dished out the fluconazole.

Fluconazole - commonly prescribed for yeast infection
Fluconazole – commonly prescribed for yeast infection

yeast-1 (9)

Soon after taking this drug, I experienced some unpleasant side effects: palpitations, headaches and stomach upsets. But I didn’t connect these symptoms with the prescribed treatment for yeast infection until I saw my dad develop the same symptoms – but much worse.

That was the point at which the penny dropped. I decided enough was enough, and I started looking for effective solutions that didn’t involve prescription drugs. The great news is I found them, and they worked for me and my Dad! And I believe they will work for you, too!

All these home remedies are described in a program called Yeast Infection No More, which is written by Linda Allen. This program describes the best, quickest, and most powerful home remedies available anywhere. Period.

OK, so why is Yeast Infection No More so good? Well, first, it has years of success behind it. But not only that, it has a sound scientific basis. And, by the way, I have a masters science degree, so I’m pretty good at separating truth from fiction and identifying what really works and what doesn’t.

So, after looking at all the home remedies out there, it was clear to me that the very best of them is Linda Allen’s program.

Yes, yes, but why, I hear you say?

If you look at my top ten reasons below, this review of Yeast Infection No More (YINM) will show you exactly why this is the most powerful, quick and, above all, effective natural remedy you can get.

(Remember, Candida albicans is the scientific name for the most common type of yeast responsible for infections in men and women.)

Click the link at the top of the right hand column of this page to cure your yeast infection easily with this program.

This is a tried and tested, step-by-step plan to kill the problem

# 1 No other Candida cure system gives you precise steps to follow in order to be infection-free. Most  home remdies for yeast merely give vague guidelines about how to treat the problem. With this system you are shown exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and when to do it – and the author explains why you’re doing it, all in clear and easily understood language!

# 2 YINM was written by a real person by the name of Linda Allen, who suffered from this irritating condition for years. Her background in writing, science, therapy, and health studies well qualifies her to recommend the best approaches to the treatment of Candida infection. What’s more, the final version of the program also saw thousands of dollars invested on testing possible treatments (some of which worked, some of which didn’t) over 7 years of extensive research.

# 3 YINM is based on real results from real people.

This treatment program is based on real results. Thousands of men and women previously living with yeast problems have cured themselves completely – once and for all – using the home remedy for yeast infection information and good-health principles explained in this program – and that includes the author herself.

# 4 It is truthful and unbiased.

Linda Allen has devoted the last 7 years of her life to helping women and men with Candidiasis battle misleading or downright untruthful advertising, false claims, and unprincipled marketing aimed at exploiting the vulnerable in the online market for home remedies. Yeast Infection No More is straightforward, gives you the lowdown on how to eliminate your infection easily and quickly, and is written with honesty and integrity. Linda Allen has never been associated with any skincare, beauty or supplement magazine, and she is not affiliated with any of them.

# 5 It is not just about reducing symptoms; it’s about establishing health and inner balance.

Remedying Candida infection by removing the root cause depends on your body being in a state of balance. These infections are not a vaginal problem or disease, nor are they caused by a problem with your skin, regardless of what your doctor tells you. You can see this is true when you set about restoring your body back to a state of balance where the conditions that allow the yeast to flourish are eliminated! This is one of the most exciting aspects of this treatment. In other words, this is a natural home remedy for Candida.

# 6 Yeast Infection No More is not just about special nutrition.

In fact, it combines nutritional principles with a comprehensive cleansing & detoxification program that will restore your gut, liver and kidneys to full health. It uses dietary supplementation, as well as mental and lifestyle changes and well-formulated health improvement plans, to bring your body back into balance. In short, it’s the perfect combination of holistic home remedies.

# 7 YINM doesn’t confuse the elimination of symptoms with a complete cure.

Treating the symptoms externally and fixing the root cause are completely different things. Sure, treating the symptoms is absolutely necessary because these infections can be extremely irritating. And indeed, this natural remedy can eliminate all the symptoms with a unique 12-hour treatment.

But to permanently cure the infection, you must neutralize the environment in your body that allows it to flourish in your system. This is the greatest thing about this program – it provides permanent cures which incorporate the most effective yeast infection home remedies available.

# 8 YINM is not a temporary quick fix.

Far from it. Even though many home remedies will work for a while, they may provide only temporary relief from the symptoms of Candida: so the whole idea of curing this infection by treating the symptoms is flawed. When you use any treatment for Candida infection, you have to make sure that you don’t continue with the bad nutritional and lifestyle habits that allowed it to develop in the first place.

In fact, the only way you’ll ever get rid of an infection of this kind permanently is to adopt new dietary and lifestyle habits and stick to them. This may be slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, but soon they’ll become a natural part of your daily routine and you’ll find that keeping yeast away is easy, natural and highly rewarding.

If you’ve read enough and you want to check out the program, click on the link in the right hand column of this page.

# 9 Yeast Infection No More is simple.

There’s so much information on the internet that it’s natural to feel overwhelmed with conflicting theories and mind-boggling misinformation. Linda Allen’s goal in creating this system, based on effective home remedies, was to avoid confusion and make dealing with the problem as simple as possible. Simple strategies are easier to apply, and produce better results.

# 10 The author offers 24-hour FREE email counseling.

This is the only home treatment program for yeast problems which comes with a reliable, 24 hour, high quality counseling service. There are no other similar offers on the internet. The program is a highly effective home remedy, not only because of the 9 reasons listed above, but also because of the personal guidance and support that Linda offers her customers.

Many customers take the chance to enjoy daily correspondence with Linda; when you buy the program I urge you to use this service, too. Linda is approachable and sympathetic. And best of all, she knows what she’s doing!

So Which Home Remedies For Yeast Infections  Actually Kill Candida?

If you have a yeast infection you probably want any remedy – medical or traditional, i.e, what we call a “home remedy” – so long as it gives you relief from the symptoms of burning and itching. This is why so many people turn to the internet for help!

However, no matter how much we might wish to believe that things such as essential oils, yogurt, garlic, honey, detoxing, and dietary changes are effective as remedies for yeast infection, only well-researched scientific proof answers this question:

“Does any traditional remedy really cure vaginitis and other conditions caused by Candida albicans effectively?”

yeast-1 (17) yeast-1 (15)

Fortunately there are some well controlled medical studies which do indeed prove that traditional remedies are indeed effective ways to control Candida yeast infections.

Professor T V Riley of the University of Western Australia in Perth has studied a well-known yeast infection home remedy – tea tree oil, derived from Melaleuca alternifolia, which is a tree used by Aboriginal people for countless generations as the source of medicinal compounds.

yeast-1 (37)

It’s vital we research these approaches to medicine, because natural remedies may well be our last line of defense as antimicrobial and antifungal agents become less effective due to inherently ever-increasing biochemical resistance on the part of the fungi and bacteria in our environment.

Indeed, fluconazole, one of the most common pharmaceutical agents used for this purpose is already proving ineffective in some cases.

Since the oil of the tea tree plant has such a long history in Australia as an antiseptic and and antimicrobial compound, it seems a very natural substance to investigate for possible use as home remedy for yeast infections.

And although some laboratory work has shown its usefulness in an informal way, what has to be conducted for proof of this are randomized, double blind, well-controlled clinical trials which demonstrate beyond all doubt that tea tree oil (or anything else under investigation) is capable of restraining the overgrowth of colonies of Candida albicans in the human body.

Professor Riley has clearly demonstrated the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil in such studies, showing that it can be regarded as a suitable home remedy for yeast infection.

There remains the question of whether or not Lactobacillus acidophilus, the species of bacteria cultured in live yogurt and traditionally used as a remedy for vaginal yeast infection, is also effective. Some evidence does exist that Lactobacillus has the capacity to prevent the growth of Candida albicans under laboratory conditions, but the degree of replicability of these studies in vitro (e.g. in the vagina) is questionable. The question was examined in home health care nurse January 2005.

The effectiveness of Lactobacillus as a way of avoiding post-antibiotic yeast infection in the vagina or vulva has also been studied. (Paper here.)

Although it seems that science can’t explain how Lactobacillus works, its use as a yeast infection home remedy remains popular with women worldwide. Because they know it works!

yeast-1 (41)

On the other hand, you can read about some more promising investigations into the role of complementary therapy in the cure of yeast infection with “home remedies” here. These authors concluded that Lactobacillus was capable of being used to ensure good vaginal health, using capsules or live colonies as a way of infesting the vagina after treatment of both yeast vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis.

Tea tree is an ancient remedy for yeast infections
Tea tree is an ancient remedy for yeast infections

And another acknowledgement that conventional medication is not working too well comes when the authors of this paper suggest that boric acid can be good for women who do not respond to compounds like Fluconazole, and that both tea tree oil and garlic hold promise as antifungal agents.

yeast-1 (15)

Naturally, scientists can be resistant to the idea of using or investigating home remedies for yeast infections, but there seems to be a groundswell of opinion which supports these complementary therapies.

Nowhere is that more clearly seen than in the popularity of Yeast Infection No More.

What other home remedies for yeast infection are there?

Many women report that they experience flare-ups when they are stressed or tired, but since we all have a different physiology, the triggers in every woman may be slightly different.

For example, some women are convinced that high-carbohydrate and sugar diets encourage the growth of yeast, while others believe that if they eat bakery products made with yeast they experience a yeast surge as a result.

Clearly one good home remedy is a change of diet which reduces the likelihood of yeast overgrowth.

Other women report that if they stop using vaginal douches the natural balance of the vagina is re-established and yeast infections come to an end.

This reflects the role of yogurt – containing Lactobacillus cultures – as a way to re-establish the natural flora of the vagina.

Other women have reported that using lubrication for sexual intercourse, thereby reducing the number of tears and nicks in the vaginal wall, helps to reduce the number of yeast infections they experience.

Effective home remedies mentioned by other women include natural compounds as diverse as garlic and yogurt, tea tree oil and boric acid.

Here you can see a basic level video about yeast infections and their causes, plus some information on yeast infection home remedies.

Videos About Yeast Infections

What is yeast infection?

What is vaginal yeast infection? And what home remedies are there?

Advert for Diflucan

The negative effects of Diflucan and antibiotics on the human gut.

Curing the Symptoms

Vaginal Yeast Infections

First of all, consult your doctor to make sure that you do indeed have Candida albicans. If you have a bacterial infection, then these treatments will not be effective and you will leave the bacterial infection untreated.

The vagina stays healthy and fungus-free through a sophisticated balancing act. Our bodies contain many different micro-organisms, which are useful in helping to break down our food intake and remove toxins.

Usually, these colonies of different species coexist in balance with one another, but sometimes this balance is disrupted, often by stress or the use of prescription antibiotic treatments.

This is when some of the microorganisms overpopulate and become a problem. Fortunately, a number of natural home remedies are curative and can restore the correct balance.

When an imbalance occurs in the vagina, colonies of Candida albicans can get out of control, leading to yeast infection, which manifests itself as a whitish discharge, burning or itching, and a yeasty kind of smell.

Home Remedies For Vaginal Yeast Infection


Take a tampon, dip it in yogurt and insert it into the vagina, twice daily. Continue this remedy until the symptoms go away and then for an extra day after that.

Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, a friendly bacterium, which displaces the Candida albicans and restores the balance of different microorganisms.

In order to prevent the recurrence of yeast infection, include yogurt in your regular diet. It’s a very effective Candida treatment.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree is an ancient remedy for yeast infections
Tea tree is an ancient remedy for yeast infections

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of olive oil or sweet almond oil. (Tea tree oil is extremely strong and can cause inflammation if it is used in its undiluted form.)

Pour the mixture on a tampon and insert in the vagina to provide effective relief.

Tea tree oil has anti fungal properties and will cure the yeast infection and also reduce the itching sensation. This is almost a perfect home remedy, effective against many organisms besides candid albicans.


For non-vaginal yeast proliferation, make a garlic paste and apply directly on the affected parts.

Another method is to dilute garlic oil with Vitamin E oil and a few drops of coconut oil and apply the blend to the affected skin. While garlic oil controls the infection, Vitamin E oil helps to fortify the skin and coconut oil provides several fatty acids that prevent the spread of infection.

Coconut Oil and Cinnamon Oil

yeast-1 (5)

These are two very effective natural remedies.

Apply one or both to the infected areas three times a day to eliminate yeast.

Both oils have effective anti-fungal properties which will subdue the yeast in the locality.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a hot bath with some added cider vinegar to relieve skin irritation and itching caused by Candida infection. It also arrests the growth of yeast and restores the body’s natural pH balance.

yeast-1 (25)But the best home remedies are nothing compared to the advantages of stopping the infection developing in the first place. Here are some useful suggestions:

  • Try to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods. Particularly avoid refined flour and refined sugar, which can aggravate yeast infection.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the urinary tract and help to control the spread of the fungal cells.
  • Also drink vegetable juices to boost immunity levels and help fight off infection.

Yeast colonies can be found on men, women and even children, and it is possible in many parts of the human body regardless of age; those areas include underarms, the genitals, between toes, and so on.

For women it frequently affects the vagina. But although Candida is not an especially dangerous problem in most cases, it can certainly be very uncomfortable and extremely irritating.

Candida albicans, or yeast infection, is made up of minute organisms, fungal cells, which live on the body. Yeast infection develops when these organisms increase far beyond the natural amount the body can tolerate.

Usually, acidity in the vaginal secretions keeps the level of yeast low, but if the balance changes, which it can during menstruation, pregnancy, when using contraception, during periods of stress, or for some other reasons, the amount of yeast cells increases and causes the more obvious symptoms of infection.

There are lots of home remedies for yeast infection, including the ones set out in Yeast Infection No More. (Yeast infection is also known as Candida or “thrush”.)

The first thing we need to do is understand what this common problem is all about, so we can talk about prevention and cure.

Mycelial form of candid albicans

yeast-1 (2)







Candida infection in nails, penis and skin

yeast-1 (40) yeast-1 (18)

yeast-1 (43)External candida

yeast-1 (41)

The most common of these in women is itching and burning in the vagina.

This begins as a mild irritability and increases slowly, until swelling and inflammation are obvious.

The skin around the vulva can swell and may indeed become very sensitive to even the slightest contact.

So the constant rubbing of the area against underwear, for example, may cause chaffing and this in turn will naturally increase the inflammation and discomfort.

A woman often experiences some kind of vaginal discharge, white and usually odorless with overgrowth of candida.

By contrast, a bacterial infection will generally have a fishy smell, but yeast infection produces a light yeasty smell at the most. There may also be some pain during intercourse or urination.

Some useful tips to avoid and reduce yeast infection: use natural fabrics next to the skin, such as cotton, and avoid wearing jeans as they can cause a build up of heat and moisture, ideal conditions for infection to spread.

Obviously, avoid leggings and tights too. You should also see your doctor if you believe your infection is not going away….especially if you have tried the home remedies for yeast infection described below.

Doctors usually recommend antifungal tablets, but you can always try some traditional cures like the ones in Yeast Infection No More.

Male Yeast Infection

People sometimes ask me if men can get a yeast infection. Well the answer is “Yes, they can”, but I have to say that it is much less common in men than in women. (All of these symptoms are described in Yeast Infection No More.)

Yeast infection or thrush, or by its medical name, Candidiasis, is a fungal infection of a particular type of yeast. It takes hold in the human body, particularly in a niche, usually the genital area.

With such embarrassing symptoms, no wonder many men turn to a yeast infection home remedy for the cure of Candida albicans infection.

Symptoms of infection in men are quite different from those in women. Some men suffering from penile yeast irritation may show no symptoms at all, but for others, these symptoms can be quite intense.

The symptoms are itching, soreness, discharge and swelling. The head of the penis can itch terribly and can turn a reddish color.

yeast-1 (18)

Sufferers often get small blisters and soreness on or around the penis.

Men infected with Candida sometimes experience penile discharge in the form of a white, clumpy substance, much like the secretions that infected women discharge.

Also male sufferers get itchy bumps or slight swellings. These can be very similar to the symptoms of herpes.

These swellings indicate the onset of a chronic penile infection.

Effective Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Fortunately, if you want a home remedy for yeast infection there are many good ones to choose from. Here are some that have been recommended by experts in the biology of Candida, most of which are also recommended in Yeast Infection No More.

  • Follow a low carbohydrate diet with very little sugar and yeast products. Sugar and yeast are substances which feed the disease, so cut them out.
  • Also too much meat or too much fat weakens the body and encourages yeast infection.
  • Always try to keep up a healthy diet, which will improve your health and hopefully keep you clear of any problems.
  • Raw garlic is effective in reducing yeast growth and helpful in curing infection. Eat a clove every day until symptoms go down. In particularly bad cases, you should apply a cut clove directly to the infected area for about two minutes to soothe the itching sensation.
  • Another home remedy suitable for yeast infection is plain yoghurt – this will help get rid of the bad bacteria and put in good probiotics. Also it can be applied to the infected area to provide effective relief. Just spread it about the infected area and wash it off after five minutes. Yoghurt has live benign bacteria, which will fight off the yeast.
  • Similar to yogurt is a substance called acidophilus available in powder or capsule form from your local health food store. This has been reported as an effective home remedy for yeast infection. Also drinking a glass of buttermilk daily will drastically reduce the chances of infection.

However, it is also important to eliminate things that encourage yeast to overgrow.

Wearing wet swimming trunks for long periods can lead to infection, because the damp keeps in the heat and provides the right setting for yeast to grow.

So can wearing tight underwear or shorts made from synthetic fabrics, because they retain warmth and moisture and affords a perfect place for yeast to grow.

So always change and dry off immediately after swimming and always wear loose fitting cotton undershorts.

These remedies are a limited set of examples of natural yeast infection home remedies, but remember – if they don’t work, you may need to see a doctor! I recommend that you try effective home cures first, and then get medical aid if needed.

But if you give Yeast Infection No More a try, you will hopefully notice the difference fairly quickly.

Find Out About Effective, Simple Home Remedies For Yeast Here.