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contentsFirst, I’m going to briefly list the contents of Yeast Infection No More, so that you can see what you get for your money.

The best thing about this way of stopping yeast infection, as I quickly discovered in this Yeast Infection No More review, is how simple and easy to use it is. Here’s what’s in it….

Chapter 1: This is an introduction by author Linda Allen in which she describes the background to her own medical condition and how she set about finding a cure for it.

Chapter 2: Here, author Linda Allen provides some vitally important information about Candida albicans, the bug that is the most common cause of yeast infection.

She describes how Candida can infect people, describes the different ways in which it can appear, the different forms that it can take, and explains all of the symptoms and signs that you may find you experience if you have a severe yeast infection.

She also describes how and why complementary therapy and traditional home remedies for yeast infection are different from conventional medical therapy.

Home remedies may be the best way to treat yeast infection
Home remedies may be the best way to treat yeast infection

This is one of the most interesting sections of the whole Yeast Infection No More eBook, because she basically describes why prescription medication may not work for you, and explains why alternative solutions like home remedies can work better.

Whatever your viewpoint about complementary therapy and home remedies, it’s certainly worth a look, as you’ll no doubt agree if you have a yeast infection that’s recurring over and over again despite medication.

sameoldsameoldBecause, in these cases, it’s clear you need to do something different. Doing the same thing over and over will just get the same result. You need to do something different!

And something different is probably looking at a home remedy for yeast infection like the ones described in Yeast Infection No More.

Chapter 3: This chapter of the book is concerned with how you can diagnose your own yeast infection.

Why? Because, as you may know, there are other kinds of infection which can occur in the vagina and vulva of women and the genitals of men.

Obviously, applying treatment designed for a yeast infection is not going to help much if you have a bacterial infection like bacterial vaginosis!

Bacterial vaginosis or Candidiasis?
Bacterial vaginosis or Candidiasis?

That’s why one of the most helpful parts of this book is a series of diagnostic tests that you can do yourself at home, to decide whether or not you’re actually suffering from a yeast infection.

Indeed, some of these tests will show you how serious your yeast infection is – if that’s what you have!

Chapter 4: And here is where the real “meat” of Yeast Infection No More actually begins, because this chapter explains how you can get immediate relief from the symptoms of yeast infection.

This isn’t about curing the problem once and for all, it’s much more about relieving all the symptoms — the soreness, the discharge, the redness, the itching, whatever symptoms you have, there’s a quick way of relieving them. That alone is worth the price of the book!

And in fact as you’ll discover when you invest in this eBook, you can use these natural home remedies to alleviate the symptoms of yeast infection anywhere on the body, including the skin, the mouth, your nails, your penis, or your vulva or vagina.

Vaginal-ItchingBeing free of the intense irritation and itching a yeast infection can produce is very important, because it allows you to take a slower, calmer and more effective approach to treatment of your underlying Candida albicans infection.


Chapter 5: This is the “Quick Results Mini Program”.

That’s what Linda Allen calls it: and it is indeed a “mini program” for yeast infection, in other words – a simpler, quicker treatment for yeast infection than the detailed procedures described in Chapter 6.

This approach will work when you have a yeast infection that’s mild to moderate, so that you don’t need to bring out the big guns described in Chapter 6.

The Yeast Infection No More eBook explains how to decide if you need the quick results “Mini-Program” or the full set of yeast infection home remedies described in Chapter 6. So you have nothing to worry about!

Chapter 6:  This is the full treatment program, divided into several sections, offering a genuine holistic treatment program made up of powerful home remedies for yeast infection.

These traditional home remedies not only eliminate the symptoms of yeast infection, but also completely change the chemical environment in your body, so that yeast infections can never flourish in your body in future.

Now, you might be asking “How can this be possible?”

Well, the answer is that if you change certain aspects of your diet, then your internal environment and your bodily environment are going to change as well.

Also, there are plenty of things that you can do to boost the effectiveness of your immune system, including stress reduction, lifestyle changes, and relaxation techniques.

And there’s a wide range of food supplements which will increase your immune system’s effectiveness and provide you with the micronutrients your diet is probably not providing right now.

Sounds complicated? NO! I can promise you that Linda Allen has made Yeast Infection No More as simple as possible, so it’s very straigthforward to understand, and as easy to use as you  could hope for!

And because her approach could potentially eliminate the effects of Candida infection from your body once and for all, why wouldn’t you try it?

yeast-1 (76)More on Yeast Infection No More Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is the basic treatment program for yeast infection, and using that alone will enable you to destroy Candida infections once and for all, so they never come back.

But, to supplement Chapter 6, author Linda Allen also supplies a whole range of extra bonus information on supplementary therapies, including detoxification, Ayurvedic medicine, and liver and gall bladder cleansing. You can use this or not as you choose.

So let’s now move on and look a little bit more at Candida albicans, the cause of yeast infections.

After that, I’ll give you a detailed review of each chapter of Yeast Infection No More, where I look in detail at the material provided, and show how it might help you to overcome a yeast infection. 

You can read all this in the posts below….

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