Chapters 1 to 5

Yeast Infection No More Chapters 1 – 2

In the first part of Yeast Infection No More, Linda Allen describes the symptoms of yeast infection.

You may be surprised by some of the things that Candida albicans can do in the body: apart from the obvious irritation & itching in the vagina and vulva, male genitals, skin, and mouth, Candida can cause respiratory problems, respiratory tract infections, and a lot of symptoms in the gut, such as cramps, discomfort and bloating.

Pictures of skin infected by yeast cells

skin infected with yeast
Skin infected with yeast

More than this, however, it seems that Candida is responsible for producing very vague symptoms that may never be medically diagnosed as due to a yeast infection, such as aching limbs, headaches and fatigue.

Unexplained symptoms like this may well be a product of yeast overgrowth, and so one of the reasons you might look at Yeast Infection No More is to see if the symptoms you’re experiencing could be due to a yeast infection.

When Linda Allen started trying to get to grips with her own yeast infection she found herself taking a whole load of generic over-the-counter medication such as Pepto-Bismol for heartburn, and over-the-counter remedies for genital itching.

The problem, as she quickly discovered, and as you may know, is that this approach tends not to make much difference.

The reason for this, of course, is that you’re not doing anything to kill Candida, you’re simply treating the symptoms.

Worse still, you’re not changing the underlying environment in your body in which Candida is flourishing. So what does that mean in practice?

Oral thrush
Oral thrush

Oral thrush is also a form of yeast infection





In the first part of Yeast Infection No More eBook you’ll also find a comprehensive description of what Candida infection of the genitals actually looks like, so that you can be sure this is what you’re dealing with.

I’ve known some people who’ve mistaken herpes infections for Candida albicans. Clearly the treatment of those two conditions would be dramatically different. Herpes and yeast are pictured below.


yeast-1 (16)





Yeast infection on skin

yeast-1 (31)

yeast-1 (2)

yeast-1 (2)






Chapters 3 and 4 Of Yeast Infection No More

How to avoid those awful itching problems with yeast infection?
How to avoid those awful itching problems with yeast infection?, Chapters 3 and 4 of Yeast Infection No More are all about dealing with the symptoms of yeast infection, so that you get immediate relief from the extremely annoying irritation, itching, bloating, fatigue and discomfort.

These chapters prove you don’t have to rely on prescription medication.

Instead, you can rely on natural substances which have produced effective yeast infection home remedies for millions of people over many generations.

Natural Home Remedies Plucked Straight From The Pages Of Yeast Infection No More

Tea tree is an ancient remedy for yeast infections
Tea tree is an ancient remedy for yeast infections

For example, tea tree oil is one of the most common yeast infection home remedies. Native Australian people have used tea tree oil from time immemorial as both an antiseptic and an antifungal agent.

Indeed, the native aboriginal peoples used to have healing pools in which they treated illnesses of all kinds.

Scientists now know that these healing pools worked so well because they were full of decayed tea tree leaves — which of course included tea tree oil.

And what about running a clove of garlic on skin irritated by yeast infection?

And so is a clove of garlic - it is the allicin in garlic which kills yeast cells
A good home remedy from Yeast Infection No More is a clove of garlic – it is the allicin in garlic which kills yeast cells

Well, you might dismiss this as pie-in-the-sky, but there’s a compound in garlic called Allicin, which is now known to be a powerful antiseptic and antifungal agent. it has the ability to soothe the skin almost immediately.


Similarly yoghurt. You may well have heard of the way yoghurt can help in controlling yeast infections, especially in the vagina.

The probiotic bacterial in live yoghurt can kill Candida
The probiotic bacteria in yoghurt can kill Candida.

That’s because living probiotic bacteria occur in many types of yoghurt. The same kind of bacteria naturally occur in the gut and vagina and stop the overgrowth of Candida.

All of these home remedies are reviewed in Yeast Infection No More.

By using traditional home remedies for yeast infection in this way you can see that they begin to look rather sensible! They are scientifically based remedies that have been used in people’s homes for many generations as a cure for yeast infections (and many other conditions).

A video on yeast infection in men


Chapter 4 of Yeast Infection No More …

….describes many of these home remedies and gives you practical ways in which you can actually use them to gain immediate relief from the symptoms of Candida albicans infection. This is truly amazing, because it really works!

Back in 2010 I picked up a yeast infection from a regular sexual partner, and without realizing what was happening, we transmitted it backwards and forwards between each other for quite some time.

Video on sex and yeast infection

In the end, what saved us from the yeast infection wasn’t the Canesten our doctor prescribed, but advice from Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More.That’s because she described how we could stop the Candida-induced irritation and itching of our intimate areas by using natural remedies – the ones she lists and describes in her eBook!There may be other solutions for yeast infection than Canesten

Chapter 5 Of Yeast Infection No More


Chapter 5 is designed to help you deal quickly with yeast infection, and to stop less serious infections in 12 hours.

In this part of Yeast Infection No More, author Linda Allen explains how you can decide whether to follow the full treatment protocols in Chapter 6 or the shortened version in Chapter 5.

Quick and Easy Remedies For Yeast Infection

The information in Chapter 5 will enable you to

  • improve your digestion
  • change your diet (if you wish) and defeat Candida in your gut
  • enhance your immune system so as to defeat Candida from the inside
  • choose the right nutritional supplements to help you defeat Candida
  • detox your body
  • boost levels of probiotic bacteria in your gut
  • and adopt a series of lifestyle changes and dietary changes that will keep Candida at bay and stop any re-infection.

This is extremely practical information, and forms the basis of a very effective treatment to defeat Candida. As I know from the time when I had a Candida infection, what you need when you’re itching is practical information that allows you to get on with your life, while effectively eliminating the yeast problem.

I can tell you, because I’ve used them myself, that Linda Allen’s treatment suggestions are no more simple to apply and effective to use than you could wish for!

Chapter 5 gives you a simple and straightforward way of dealing with yeast infections that aren’t too bad, but if you have something really serious, and it just won’t go away, then you might need to look at the information in my Yeast Infection No More review of Chapter 6. You can see that below!

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